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Welcome to the homepage of Swift Racing, perhaps the biggest and certainly the fastest growing rowing boat company in the world today.

Since Swift was established in 2005, total sales of rowing boats have surpassed 4,500 boats as at April 2012, with 900 boats sold in 2011 alone.

While it is satisfying to see our business grow so much, our real satisfaction comes from the knowledge that what we are doing, must be what many rowers and clubs want a rowing boat company to be doing.
chns rowers As we have grown, we have continued to invest in a growing range of racing and non-racing moulds (31 moulds as at end of April 2012). Our parts and fittings have been tested thoroughly by customers in all kinds of environments, and all feedback has been used to develop them still further. Recent developments include a stiffer shoe plate, tougher shoes, and a new painting system.

Regards boats, we offer different grades of construction to meet the varied needs of our many customers, but ensure high quality across the whole range. Likewise we offer 4 rigger types, each of which has certain merits, suited to different customers.

At the same time we have continued to develop our customer service, with distributors in 41 countries, and a dedicated staff member to look after our customers in countries without a distributor.

In Spring 2010 we established Swift Racing GmbH in Berlin, to provide back up to our distributors around Europe, as well as facilitate the rental of boats to national teams at the FISA and other major regattas in Europe. Our distributors outside of Europe may also be able to arrange the renting of boats for events, so please get in touch if you or your team will need boats for any foreign races.

“Quality doesn’t have to come at a high price.” This has been our motto from the beginning, and is even more true today.

Our website is like our boats. We concentrate more on form and function than fashion! To learn more about our boats, please look around. For enquiries, please find the distributor for your country on our “Distributor contacts” page, or press the “contact us” button at the top right of this page.

Finally I would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in the success of Swift Racing, especially our valued customers. With your help we will continue to develop.
(contact: Tim Yang)


The Swift Racing Team

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