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2+, 3x and 6+

Everyone is different!

We understand that, so when we were asked to make something out of the ordinary, we tried our best to help.

We are able to make 2+ and 3x by taking our super lightweight 4-, and fitting out with customised cockpits.
Our 2+s are suitable for crews from 60kg to 95kg.
Our 3x is suitable for crews from 67kg to 87kg.

In the same way, we are able to use our lightweight and middleweight 8+ moulds, fit them out with a customised cockpit., and have 6+ that are suitable for crews from 73kg to 100kg.

What is the most unusual boat we have built?

Without doubt, that is the “Push-me-pull-you” boat, that we built for New Zealand sculptor Scott Eady in 2009, and which was exhibited in Cambridge NZ, during the 2010 World Championships.
It is a 2x with 2 bows, no stern, and where the rowers face each other!

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